Whilst out on a Friday evening, our street angels noticed that a group of females were walking out of a club on their way home and appeared to be quite intoxicated, walking on the cobbles with no high heels/shoes on.

Our team took a friendly approach and greeted the girls, asking if they had a good a night?night

The girls told us they were making their way across the other side of the city centre to their friend’s flat. We offered the girls flip flops which they gladly took (and promised to re-wear on an upcoming holiday!).  The girls were offered water and some guidance about the safest way to walk in well-lit areas where the cameras were present and to stick together.

We offered to walk the girls across the city centre as the flat they were heading to was within our remit. The girls said they would be just fine. We called CCTV and asked the operator to monitor the group of girls for their safety & provided descriptions so we could be sure they got to the flat safely.

CCTV later reported they were able to get home okay and thanked us for our support.