We’ve received a lovely “thank you” note from a parent of someone we recently helped so we thought we’d share it. We’re very proud of our volunteers and equally pleased the young man we helped is safe and well.

Hi, just wanted to drop a line to say a massive thank you to your team. On Saturday night my 19yr old son came into Hull to the *** Club.  Unfortunately he was very unwell, the bouncers at the club just left him on the pavement outside as he was being violently sick. (After taking him to hospital straight away we are now led to believe his drink was spiked in some way) Luckily one of your team spotted him and his 18yr old girlfriend and quickly came to his aid. Your guy was fantastic, we didn’t get his name but we think it might have been ***, he got him a blanket and water and stayed with them both until we could get to him as we leave in Beverley and not a 2 minute journey away. I have never heard about the work you and your team do as we don’t really go out drinking that much,  but what a massive help you were to my son, I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and help you showed him and am sure hundreds of others.