It was a cold Saturday evening nearing to midnight and Street Angels were patrolling around their normal route circulating around both the old & new town.  Whilst heading up towards North bridge in their high visibility clothing, our assertive volunteers noticed there was a male taxi driver who had slowed down near the bridge and then waved towards our angels.


The angels remained calm and quickly made their way towards the bridge, being aware of dangers and staying together. Once there, our team spoke to the taxi driver who said he thought someone had fallen into the sinking mud under the bridge and needed urgent help.

Without delay our team radioed over to CIVIC (CCTV) to ask for support from emergency services, relaying clearly the information by that time that they could see and the account from the taxi driver.  In the meantime, the other street angel reassured the male taxi driver and asked him to stay around as he was potentially a witness to the events.  CIVIC sent emergency services who were soon on the scene. In the meantime, our angels reassured the person under the bridge and reminded the person not to move, as hard as that may be (sinking mud).  The angels assessed their own dangers and obviously felt they did not have either the expertise or the equipment to save the male single-handedly.  The emergency services arrived swiftly and saved the person under the bridge and paramedics assessed their health.  Our street angels were able to give an account on what they saw and were able to give clear instructions to CCTV as to where the person was located.

This is an extreme example of the night-time shifts we undertake, but it is highlighted to show the severity of what our angels can and occasionally do come across.