Hi all

A few myth de-busters about us here at HSAT;

There’s only street angel opportunities and nothing else”

That’s not correct. We do have street angels volunteers who run the service but there are also other volunteer opportunities such as fundraisers and marketing volunteers. To find out more, get in touch!

“Do I need to be religious/follow a particular faith to join HSAT?”

No! This is the possibly the biggest misconception about us. We are NOT a faith based organisation and as such welcome anyone with any faith or no particular faith to join us.  We are operate independently to the church as a separate street angels organisation and have a diverse team of volunteers. We run from a neutral base in the city centre and no longer are based at Holy Trinity Church.

“Are you the same organisation as the one on Princes Ave, Hull?”

No, we are a separate organisation and the street angels on Princes Avenue operate from the Methodist Church. They wear Yellow Hi-Vis. We wear Orange Hi-Vis. We work we undertake, whilst mostly similar does vary a bit.  We are very fortunate to work closely with the Princes Ave Street Angels and share ideas. We also have Gerald, their coordinator on our board of trustee who provides us with invaluable information so whilst we are separate we work in partnership with the street angels and with many other agencies across the night time economy.

“All the street angels do is help people who are intoxicated/drunk”

We do help people who find themselves vulnerable because of being drunk, we do not exclusively help those who are drunk. We are around to help anyone who needs help or assistance because they are vulnerable, or simply answer a query from a visitor to the city or a resident, for example we signpost/provide directions. We are not specifically there to help those who present at homeless, but clearly will help anyone who finds themselves as vulnerable. This may include engaging the person with a number of useful homeless charities/hostels/food kitchens/housing options and so on.

I hope this helps you demystify us a little more. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the ‘contact us’ section of the website.