Help us to help you.

Our volunteers aren’t called “Angels” for nothing and it takes a rare breed of person to give up their time late at night and in the early hours of the morning to help people who often aren’t that easy to deal with.

Do you think we do a good job?

Have we helped you in the past?                                                                                  

 Have we helped a loved one or a relative?                                                                      

Why not help us by giving a small donation.

The smallest donation can makes the biggest difference.

WE DO NOT accept donations from people at the time we help them. Although this is very kind and would help us massively, we know that it isn’t right to accept money from people when they’re under the influence.

Instead we give you our details and hope that when you wake up the next day you’ll think “What a jolly fine bunch those Street Angels are. I really must thank them. I’ll show my appreciation by making a donation.”

We know we’re not a “sexy” charity (although Mick is pretty hot).

We know we don’t tug on the heart strings of random donors.

We know we’re not cute and fluffy either. Even if you put our most fabulous volunteer next to a Snow Leopard, Panda or sad looking dog there’s not much competition.

What we do know is that we have the best team of volunteers and that they give there all into helping others.

With your support we can give even more and you will  help us to provide people with,

Water for hydration

Flip Flops for them sore, blistered feet from those killer heels

First Aid & First Aid Equipment

A Friendly Face & A Listening Ear

Advice & Directions


And much much more

To make donating quick and easy you can use the following:

  • Text “HSAT10 £5” to 70070 to donate £5
  • Donate online using our Total Giving account.

In addition to making a donation you could help us in other ways by fundraising for us or just simply promoting our work and raising awareness of who we are what we do.

There are a lot of FUN ways to do this and we are always on the lookout for fundraising volunteers to help us with our events and Volunteers to join our amazing team of Angels.