We have lots of exciting opportunities upcoming in the new year for HSAT.  We are currently looking for further volunteers to help us with fundraising. If this sounds something you may be interested in, contact coordinator@hullstreetangelstrinity.org.uk for more information.  If you work for or know of a local company who would like to sponsor one of our angels at HSAT to deliver the work they undertake or the charity as a whole, please get in touch.

We will be out every Friday and Saturday evening this month, as normal, with extra teams on throughout the month to provide support over the busy festive period.

A few tips; book a taxi ahead, stay with your friends/family, enjoy your night but know your limits, keep wrapped up warm, ladies take flat shoes in your bag, keep rehydrated & keep us updated with your comments/suggestions.


What have HSAT achieved this year?

We have continued to provide a reliable, friendly hi-visible service that operates on a Friday and Saturday night which helps those who find themselves vulnerable in the night time economy. From starting our service in May 2012- to date, we have helped over 2700 people directly and many others indirectly in a number of ways. We have helped many people get home safely, provided first aid, rehydration, a warm blanket, flip flops. We’ve helped with directions, reporting crime & working closely with agencies in the night time economy. We have helped save the NHS an awful lot of money by providing interventions from our service, meaning many of the people we come across do not need to visit A&E. We’ve freed up police time to get on with criminal matters and not be tied to their duty of care to help those who are not in need of police assistance, but need help.  We have built up a good rapport with a number of key statutory and night time agencies & the public at large & received many positive comments.

This year, we’ve gained some new volunteers for fundraising and set up a fundraising event which was a success. We’ve gained some more street angels which have widened the diverse nature of our friendly bunch of volunteers who give their own time to help others in need.

We’ve helped with securing the purple flag status for Hull again & shared best practice with other agencies. We’ve continued to expand our volunteer’s knowledge base and experience, by offering opportunities for drug & alcohol training, including legal highs & safeguarding – on top of our compulsory training.

We’ve attended information events & an student invasion event to promote the work we undertake. We’ve linked in with local colleges & the University & a number of other agencies to promote the work we undertake.

We now have an intern in place who is reviewing our marketing strategies, social media & marketing materials.

We have gained local publicity to promote the benefits of our service. We have upgraded our HSAT jacket.

We are very grateful for all of the support received by all agencies & the public. Lastly, our service is not possible without our volunteers – including our trustees, so a big thanks is extended to all those who have supported us and continue to support us!

What’s going on with HSAT now and in the new year?

We will be launching another volunteer recruitment evening in the new year (and will announce a date/time & venue soon).

We are launching our cycle responder project in the new year (street angels on bikes to get to first aid incidents sooner and our volunteers will have a defibrillator and have received advanced first aid training)

We are currently reviewing our social media, website and marketing materials so they are more accessible for all

We launched our first fundraising event – man vs food, which was a good success. We will be arranging more fundraising events for next year and we will keep you posted.

Our volunteers are continuing to receive additional training in conflict resolution & child sexual exploitation & safeguarding so we can continue to help protect those vulnerable children, young people and adults we come across.

We are waiting to hear back from a couple of other opportunities we have in the pipeline (but at the moment, I can’t say more than this – needless to say it’s exciting stuff!)