Well, the resuts are in and sadly there are no celebrations here at HSAT HQ.  We didn’t win. We were beaten by Doncaster Rowing Club.

We’re pretty disappointed as you can imagine.  We think our Nightsafe Help Point is a great idea and we know it would be fantastic for Hull and the people who use the city centre on a night.

We’re also a bit disappointed about our film ITV used for our campaign.  It was filmed a bit too early in the night (and we did point this out to them) to get any footage of what we really do and as a result the only thing they had to show for it was us talking to a homeless person.  Not great and not at all representative of what we do.  We hope that people who aren’t familar with us don’t get the wrong impression about us but we know that those of you who’ve met us and who we’ve helped in the past know what we’re all about.

But we can’t change anything and we’d like you to know that we will still continue to develop our Nightsafe Help Point concept. We’ll keep you updated and hopefully you should see some progress in the near future.

Now we’ve got the “huff” out of the way we’ll get back to chirpy Street Angel mode. We would like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE who supported us with the campaign (and of course those who have supported us in the past and continue to do so).  We’ve had a great response and we appreciate everything. BBC Radio Humberside have had us on the Burnsy show and promoted us on the day.  KCFM had us in and interviewed us.  The Hull Daily Mail did a great piece for us too. The support from the city has been amazing. And we mustn’t forget all our chums on social media. Again, massive thanks to everyone who “Liked”, “Shared”, “Retweeted” and “Mentioned” us.  If you did then you should know that you are part of an esteemed list that includes the ex-Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott (although he didn’t reply to our invitation to come and volunteer!). It all helped.  But most of all, if you picked up the phone and spent some of your hard earned cash voting for us then you are an absolute star and we love you!  THANK YOU!