As with most charities it is inevitable that at some point one or more of our Trustees would end up doing some sort of running to raise funds for the charity.

In our case, two of our Trustees, Chris Howell and Nick Middleton will be doing the Humber Half Marathon in June and will gratefully receive any donations to ease the pain and misery associated with running long distances.  Its all for a good cause!!!

For the record, neither of our Trustees are “running types”.  Unlike some, it is not a pass time or hobby for them and it is certainly not enjoyable for them. You won’t see them effortlessly sprinting past like gazelles lapping up the endorphines.  More likely bent over double looking very red and sweaty and coughing uncontrollably. The point being, that unlike some people who do this sort of thing for fun, this is most definitely not fun for these guys.  After all, if you sponsor someone to do something, its supposed to be a challenge that they have to work hard for – that’s why they’re doing it.

We’ll be setting up a donation site very soon and we’ll tell you when it’s up and running.  We’d be very grateful if you would donate or sponsor us.  All the money raised will go towards the ongoing costs of running our charity so that we can continue to support our volunteers to do their fantastic work looking after you all when you’re out on the razz in Hull.

Keep an eye out for our “Training Diary” blog posts so you can track our progress / self pity for the next couple of months leading up to the big event and see how we get on.

Updates to follow!