Why do people volunteer?

People volunteer for The Street Angels for a number of reasons. Firstly, being a Street Angel is undoubtedly rewarding and The Street Angels are encouraged to enjoy themselves and to recognise what an important contribution they are making to Hull’s Old Town/Trinity Quarter. As well as this becoming a Street Angel is a great way to get work experience and training if you are interested in a public service career or if you just have a general interest in helping people.

What are the benefits if I decide to volunteer?

Street Angels will:

  • Receive training in Radio Communications, First Aid, Alcohol and Drugs Awareness, and Conflict Management
  • Have the satisfaction of making a positive contribution to their communities
  • Gain valuable experience and the opportunity to demonstrate a range of transferable skills
  • Have regular team/supervision meetings
  • Give advice and training that is relevant to the role
  • Reimburse travel /out of pocket expenses
  • Give food allowance if doing a full night volunteering shift


“The first aid training and conflict management training have both been great and have given me the confidence to deal with most things that might arise on a night out around Hull City centre.”

“I joined because I wanted experience with dealing with the public and I wanted a challenge because I want to go into the police force in the future and while I am at university it is helping me.”


So what exactly will I have to do?

It’s simple really, our aim is to help anyone who seems vulnerable or in need of assistance. We talk to people, offer water and first aid if necessary. Each volunteer has a reflective ‘Hull Street Angels Trinity’ Hi-Vis jacket so that they can easily be identified as a safe person to approach. The team then split into groups of two and patrol the streets in Hull’s Trinity Quarter, often creating links with the door staff, chatting to the public and generally keeping an eye out for anyone who could be in the need of help. Other duties include:

  • Providing a listening ear and being a safe, approachable person
  • Clearing any glasses or bottles left on the pavement or road
  • Using radio communications
  • Offering disposable flip-flops to women who have taken off their high-heels and are walking in bare feet
  • Providing a safe place for people to wait for friends or a taxi home
  • Promoting Street Angels and making them an identifiable and trusted charity people can rely on

Ok, I’m in! Now what?

All volunteers are invited for an informal chat initially and then an interview. They will need to undergo a CRB check and provide 2 references, as well as undertake mandatory training before becoming a Hull Street Angels Trinity Volunteer.

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