I have been a volunteer for Hull Street Angels Trinity for nearly three years now and patrol the city centre in pairs from 2200hrs to 0200hrs sometimes a bit longer or a bit less depending on the situation . I was in the Reserve Army for thirty years which involved a committment for most weekends, after leaving leaving all those years behind I wanted to get involved with voluntry work to give something back to the community, whilst travelling to work one morning with the radio on Hull Street Angels Trinity was asking for volunteers which I like the idea of helping people who are so vunerable, I enquired and was asked to join them out one Friday evening as an observer to see what they actually got involved with, I joined the team and really enjoy working with the other vounteers.
I do enjoy helping people although it is not just about helping people in need it has its advantages when it comes to talking to people enjoying the night out with friends, also the best bit is when people who you have helped come and thank you next time they are out for the night, It is also great satisfaction when people come up to you and thank you for what you do.
On a serious note though being a Street Angel is about looking after people who sometimes through no fault of their own they get a bit worse for wear and nine times out of ten it just happens to one person in a group and the other still want to carry on to enjoy the night, this is when the Street Angels get a call on the radio to attend.
When arrive on the scene the situation is accessed and offer water, when it’s a cold night a foil blanket to keep them warm, we then try to contact parents, family or friends to come and pick them up depending on the seriousness we may call for assistance from NHS, we always stay with them until someone comes to take care of them we will never leave them, we also work with the Police as a last resort if everything else fails to get the person home safely.

Mick Kelsey